Flying Shale

Flying Shale 1.7

Flying Shale is Roogames' conversion of Lambourne Games Speedway Simulation
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Building on the tried and tested game engine of Speedway Scene II, Flying Shale gives you twice as many decisions to make, a tough AI opponent, full match, tournament and season environments, great flexibility to create your own tournaments, and most importantly, exciting racing.
Each meeting takes place on a heat-by heat basis. Each heat is split into half-lap turns and a variety of options will be available to each rider - Change lane to grab the white line, or look for extra grip in the outside lanes. Ease up to hold your position, challenging the other riders to ride round you. Riders are rated for starts, overtaking and overall performance. You need to make the most of their abilities to consistently win in the game. A strong AI opponent awaits (which in play-testing is more often than not beating the designer of the original game). Start exclusions (tape and 2 minute), riding exclusions, falls, engine failures, rough riding, over-sliding are all part of the program. Commentary adds to the flavour of the heat, as well as keeping you up to date with the current match situation. Options are available to auto-play a heat, or complete a meeting automatically or run to a specific point in the meeting. A heat-by-heat record is kept for all meetings which can be viewed from several of the statistics screens. Atmospheric sound effects add to the tension and excitement of the action.

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